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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lesson 3: Educational Technology in Asia Pacific Region

         Are we really taking the right steps in adopting technology in education? My answer to that would be a big YES. The basis of my answer is that: " A nation's socio-economic success in the 21st century is linked to how wellit can compete in a global information and communication technology region. This is the underlying reason why during the last few years, progressive countries in the Asia Pacific region have formulated state policies and strategies to infuse technology in schools. The prevailing ICT policies and strategies are from the five progressive states/cities, namely New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong. 
For more information, just check their websites.
For the New Zealand 2001 ICT Goals and Strategy- (http://www.tki.org.nz/ict/) 
For Australia IT initiatives-(http://www.deet.gov.au/schools/Adelaide/text.htm) 
For Malaysia Smart School-level Technology Project-(http://www.ppk.kpm.my/smartschool/)
For Singapore Masterplan for IT in Education (http://www.moe.edu.sg/iteducation/masterplan/welcome.htm) 
For Hong Kong Education Program Highlights-(http://www.info.gov.hk/emb/eng/prog_high/schoolprog.html) 
            Through examining the policies and strategies of these five states or cities, I have seen the great interconnectedness of Educational technology and curriculum. These masterplans or projects aim to facilitate learning as well. The Philippines just need more budget with regards to education. Once education is enhanced, there's a great probability of development in the different aspects of a country. I'm positive that programs like these will be implemented in the Philippines. I know, it is possible.

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